Queen Obasi, originally from Nigeria, is a nurse in St. Paul, MN. Together with other St. Paul nurses and concerned friends, she has started this organization in hopes of providing quality health care to communities in Nigeria and Namibia that lack access to basic health services.
In Nigeria, health education and training has been the primary objective, including testing fasting glucose, blood pressure of elderly people and providing necessary de-worming treatment for children.

ACHI was founed in 2006

Founder & President

Queen Obasi

Management Team

Cyprian Obasi, Judy Denesia, Mary Mishek.

Board of Directors

Queen Obasi, Imma Anyanwu, Linda Clute, Annie Retter, Mary Mishek, Genny Clute, Karen Argo, Judy Denesia, Anne Paron, Vivian Obasi.

We are a non-profit and 501c organization.